Are You Ready to Workout Like a VIP?

Wish you had a reason to go out dancing at a club every night? PLUR combines body sculpting fitness workouts with easy-to-learn modern dance moves. Our workouts take place in local gyms, fitness studios, and chic nightclubs with DJs mixing the hottest music. Come and experience the PLUR revolution!

Ready to dance?

You’re a VIP and it’s time you were treated like one. Click to receive your first class FREE!



The primary focus of PLUR is a great cardio workout. PLUR classes are lead by some of the world’s best group fitness trainers.


Enjoy the glamor, excitement, music, and energy of clubbing without the hassle of drunks and floozies.


We let top DJs mix the music for PLUR classes so you can be sure you’ll be shaking your groove thing to the hottest EDM tracks and classic remixes.


We work with chic night clubs across the country to host our weekly classes. It’s the same places the hottest DJs and local celebrities party, except we’re here to “work”.


Don’t know how to dance? No problem – PLUR is all about teaching you simple dance moves you can confidently take with you to any dance floor.

What is the difference?


We’re too busy dancing and having fun to judge others.


Everything we do is designed to sculpt muscle and burn fat.


We don’t just build muscles, we also build friendships.


Every PLUR class has its own local flair and flavor.

Why is PLUR different?

Here’s just a few things that set us apart from your average group fitness classes:

  • A nightclub dance party in your gym
  • No sign-up fees or commitments
  • You’re never too old to not act your age!
  • Dynamic workouts for all ages and body types


  • I’m not sure why this hasn’t been happening for the last ten years now! Thanks to PLUR, Monday is the new Saturday!
  • PLUR is quite simply the best way to burn fat and build muscle. Ever!
  • I was always shy when I would go out to the clubs with my friends. Now I rock the dance floor with all my PLUR moves!

From the Founder

As a professional fitness instructor and serial entrepreneur, I created PLUR to revolutionize the fitness and nightclub industries!Maggie H.


PLUR classes cost $10 per class or $30 per week, and payment is taken at the door. There’s no monthly contracts or sign-up fees